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FIRE– the first book in the "Cal Jamison Murder Mystery Series"

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When a seasoned firefighter and outdoorsman's body is discovered on a burning bush near the Oregon Badlands, an arson inquiry suddenly turns into a murder investigation.

Cal Jamison starts digging for some answers into his friend’s horrific death. What he discovers puts him on the dusty trail of a serial killer, leading Cal through some of the most scenic regions of the high desert and Southern Oregon, all while dealing with his own demons.

Promising lead after lead turn into dead-ends as time is running out for the next intended victim. Will Cal find the killer before he strikes again and disappears forever?


Third Book in the Koenig Triple Crown Series

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Mystery, conspiracy and revenge

The story begins where Koenig’s Spirit left off as Sam Parker and George Mason are both vying for the coveted Triple Crown at Belmont Park. But as hard as they try, neither can shake their pasts. Will either outrun their history to cross the finish line, or will the Triple Crown slip from their grasp?

From the first exhilarating leap at the starting gate, this is a heart-pounding, engrossing page-turner that keeps the reader riveted until the thunderous, roaring conclusion as the fates of two men and their families race to cross under the wire first.

The Sport of Kings will never be the same.

Koenig's Promise

Second Book in the Koenig Triple Crown Series

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From the Bluegrass hills of Kentucky to the excitement at Pimlico; from Europe to Oregon; the colorful saga of Koenig’s Spirit picks up where Koenig’s Wonder left off and weaves an intricate, mysterious tale of horseracing, love and shattered dreams.

REVIEW - Koenig Triple Crown Series

For those who like getting lost in a good book, this story comes as a Trilogy in three books starting with Koenig's Wonder by Linda Kuhlmann.

Hooked from the start reading the prologue, the year 1937 tells of intrigue and suspense when a new power growing in Germany threatens their lives, forcing them to flee Germany and their escape to America.

From this point the story captivates the reader with arriving in New York City with only a White Lipizzan Stallion and a stolen Friedrich painting.

What happens next effects three generations of the Masemann family as they become torn apart by war and revenge --------- it’s like a good series that readers don't want to see the end ------- A must read.

Riley Sanders




First Book in the Koenig Triple Crown Series

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Family secrets, intrigue, and murder!

The year is 1937 when two brothers are forced to leave their home in Germany. They arrive in New York City with only a white Lipizzan stallion and a stolen Friedrich painting. What happens next affects three generations of the Maseman family as they become torn apart by greed, war, and revenge.

Years later, Emma Maseman discovers the harsh truth about her family when she is investigated for the theft of Koenig's Wonder, a Kentucky Derby winning thoroughbred. As the mysteries unravel, Koenig's Wonder races toward the finish line in brilliant and thoroughly engrossing fashion.

Koenig's Wonder is a fictional portrayal of Linda Kuhlmann's family history that began when her great-grandfather and his brother came to America and were separated, never to meet again. Ms. Kuhlmann lives in Oregon with her husband. This is her first novel.



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In the midst of a manhunt for a serial killer in Dublin, Shannon O’Toole, a young sculptor, is forced to confront her past.

Surrounded by the seamy side of gallery life, she is drawn to her estranged father in Oregon and finds that crime and violence have followed her. Unknowingly, she has attracted the Dublin serial killer and is at risk for herself and those around her.

Note from Linda:

The spark for my novel, The Red Boots, came as I was driving from Oregon to Illinois to help my parents move from the house they built and lived in for over forty years.

As I drove, I was listening to Celine Dion's CD "A New Day Has Come." Most of the songs on that CD inspired scenes in the novel. In fact, it could be a soundtrack to the movie, if the novel is ever adapted to film.

"I'm Alive" inspired the story to begin in Ireland.

“A New Day Has Come” is a song that showed the freedom my character, Shannon, felt as she was driving to her father's, who she hadn't seen in over twenty years.

“Have You Ever Been In Love” reminded me of a moonlit motorcycle ride with my first love.

“At Last” is the song my main characters, Jake and Shannon, dance to in a small tavern in Joseph, Oregon.

The Red Boots




CONGRATULATIONS! You have a book to sell! Now what?

Getting known is the most important aspect of writing, and self-promotion is necessary, no matter which publisher you have. Shameless Marketing for Writers is a booklet to help you get out of the office and promote your book in today’s changing publishing world, whether through connecting with brick-and-mortar bookstores or online promotion. Now, more than ever, writers need to look outside the bookstore for sales opportunities.

Included are tips on getting your books on the shelves at bookstores, scheduling book-signing events at the most unexpected locations, and handling the ‘business’ side of writing. Samples of a sell sheet and press release are included, as well as other documents needed to get the word out.

Kindle version available at - $3.99
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